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My first collection update!

I finally got all of the packages I needed to make this post! I'm so excited. I love the things I've gotten from the people here. <3 I've gotten things that I truly love and know I'd never be able to part with. I have more things coming in the mail that I'm super excited for but they'll take another couple of weeks, and then there'll be a large custom get closer to my birthday which will deserve its own post. <3 Prepare for a picspam underneath the cuts!

Right now I'm going to show off what's probably 80% of my collection to date (the other 20% being MIA -- either in my closet, or in the basement, most likely. I haven't been able to find all of my old things yet), which is also mainly toys from my childhood. But the ones I've gotten recently from the comm are my favourites. ;w; The new additions revolve mostly around one main Pokemon... but what is it?

I'll give you a hint:

... it's happy. :D

ISN'T HE ADORABLE? <333 I love Politoed to pieces, but I still can't get over how precious the UFO plush is, even after having him for a week. I bought him from the very kind darkangellilith. He's gently loved and missing his hang tag as well as his leaf, but he's perfect to me. He's the first official Politoed plush I've gotten my hands on and he's just the sweetest thing. I've named him Noritono the Happytoed, Nori for short. XD He's making my distressed little Bonsly Kid feel welcome. Either that, or terrifying him. (Don't mind the stains on the bedsheets, they won't come out. XD; I think it was hot chocolate.)

While under my care, he's been having healthy balanced breakfasts like a good little froggy. <3

And now you know where he gets all his energy. XD BIG CUPS OF COFFEE.

My Politoed collection thus far! It's quite small, consisting of only three official items and a custom plush I made for myself, but I love it all. The adorable little charm is from darkangellilith as well, and I just got the Kid in today from shiningmew. I'm thrilled! They're all sooo beyond adorable. ;o; I made the plush before I purchased anything official, since I was desperate for my own 'toed. XD Her name is Mint/Minty, because of her minty green colouring. <3 (I just realized her face looks weirdly crooked in this photo. I swear it isn't really.) I couldn't figure out how to sew proper Politoed toes, so she has unique feet, haha.

My second main collection is going to be Bonsly, but this is all I have so far since I'm primarily focusing on Politoed foremost. The stressed little Kid is from cardwhale and the sweet little tiny figure is from shiningmew, who roomed in the same package as my Politoed Kid so they're best buddies now. <3 (Anyone know what the tiny figure is? XD It's so cute.)

And here we go, the whole crowd! (I don't have anywhere to display these yet so I just haphazardly arranged them on my bed.) Almost everything in this photo aside from the ones I showed above I've had since I was 10-14. I had absolutely no idea what most of these were until I joined this community, but now I know lots of them! XD There's some TOMYs, old Burger King toys, some capsule toys... and that's... most of my collection, haha. I honestly can't remember everything I own that is missing from this photo, but I do know I have Hasbro Marill and Bellossom plushes. The Marill is in my closet somewhere for sure, but I can't say about the Bellossom.

Let's take a closer look! :D

I have two of those classic Burger King gold trading cards. They're Togepi and Jigglypuff. I kept the cards themselves in mint condition, though the pokeballs are a little worse for wear. There's a caseless Charizard card that's severely beat up behind the Jigglypuff card, which you can't see. I think I found it at a secondhand store. The Pikachu plush is a small sized backpack I've had for ever, which I cut the straps off of because I just wanted a Pikachu plush that I could store my little 'mons in. ._.; The Cubone is remote control and awesome. I remember playing with it for ages. It still works! Then there are two Gengar BK toys, one still lights up. XD You can see a couple of my capsule toys, including a James-in-a-Dome, Mudkip, and Pikachu.

Some more capsule toys and TOMYs, a BK Raichu (which I was very dismayed to discover doesn't light up anymore!), and the most awesome Venusaur. It's a Hasbro action figure, or whatever you'd call it, and I played with him for ever as a kid. He single-handedly made me love Venusaur. XD That bright pink round plush is a custom Jigglypuff my mom knit (knit? Crochet? I can't tell the difference orz) for me based on a pattern she found when Pokemon was at the height of its popularity while I was 11. I thought it looked funny as a child but appreciated her hard work nonetheless. As an adult I enjoy its uniqueness and love it more. XD

See that Clefairy TOMY? See it? That thing. I wanted that thing so much as a kid when it appeared at the convenience store down the street. I was addicted to any kind of Pokemon merch, and I wanted that Clefairy. But it was a typical corner store with inflated prices and that little Clefairy was $6. My mom said no because it was so expensive. But I bugged. And I begged. And eventually, IT WAS MINE. And I loved her so. D: I will remember the struggle and its price tag for the rest of my life.

There's my handmade derpy shiny Cleffa plush, next to Derpypuff. <3 Also my two DX TOMYs, Togepi and Jigglypuff. Poor Togepi got a dent in his side from long storage, but I still love him. Then there are those... keychain-strap thingies. Charmander, Togepi, Mew, and Mewtwo. I've seen the Mew in sales posts around here with its plastic clip (which I remember breaking off because I just wanted plushes without attachments. See the Pikachu backpack above) but I can't remember where these little plushes came from or what type of merchandise they are. Can anyone tell me if they know? The Mewtwo always creeped me out by how macho it looks, but I can't really bear to get rid of it because Mewtwo+Mew feels like a set or something, and I love my Mew. I used to stick her tail through the black loop because it looked like a ponytail and made her pretty. (I repeat, I was 11.)


Now, that's pretty much it for the collection update. Sorry I'm so wordy, haha. I hope it was entertaining enough to read through! Oh, but wait... You say I forgot a closeup of something? Why, I think you're right! There was a big-eyed orange head peeking through the corner of that group photo, wasn't there? Is it a mystery plush?

What could it be?

Actually, I was hoping you guys could tell me that. XD Look at this adorable monster. There's no way he's fitting in anyone's pocket.

Being a Charm-mander. (Hehe, I made a punny. 'Cause he's being charming. ... Geddit? :D)

Front view. He can sit by himself if his feet are spread enough, but he's very slouchy. Bad posture is bad!

Back view. Still slouchy, but lovely tail. <3

"HAI! I'M CUTE!" ;w; I love his beautiful eyes.

Size comparison with toys.

Size comparison with ME. If I hold onto his head to stretch him up onto his feet he reaches about about mid-thigh. I'm also 5'9".

So, I've had this guy for years. My mom nor I can really remember where he came from, but we both think it was from a secondhand store. He has no tags whatsoever, and I might have bought him that way, or I might have done it myself. Judging by how clean the tag cut is, it probably wasn't me. (My old toys have tag remainders that are all frayed and stuff from a sloppy job, haha.) He's got two very small holes in his back, just above his tail flame, that seem like there was something there -- a string, maybe? That's really all the information I have on him, though I can offer many close-up shots of different parts of him if anyone's curious. The only lead I've found on him is this page on PokePlushProject that seems as stumped as me. It's definitely the same 'mander, though.

And one last question before I go: To anyone more experienced in plush cleaning than I, do you have any tips on how to get that basement smell out of toys? XD You know, that damp, musty smell... Is it okay to use a light spritzing of fabric refresher such as Febreeze?
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