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Hi there!!

Hello everyone! Im new here C:

My name is jess...but sometimes people call me "mochi" (i dunno D:) I have been lurking around for a while...but i was not a member 'till now

I`ve been collecting pokemon things since i was like 21 now. Wow, time flies, i feel so old...
There's a link to my srsly outdated kind-of-outdated collection right hereeeeee!!!   I must update as soon as i have some spare time (and descent stuff to add)  I know here i can find a looot of good things to add...and why not? getting to know some people

Its a modest collection...nothing fancy or rare, just things of the pokes i like (such as turtwig) or in general things that i found here and there. Everything ebay-less and basically money-less too XD. Also, sadly here in Mexico is kind of hard to get nice poke-stuff (almost nothing besides videogames, really) But im always looking around in case i find something i can't let pass. Besides pokemon, i like to collect Digimon things (don't send me bombs or death threats pleaaaaseeeeee)

Another reason for writing this because im desperately looking for the takara tomy 12 inches talking Zorua (yes, the one form the movie) i really love this little guy. <3

(This Oneeee!!! WOOOT!!!)

There is a sad long story behind...but i'll make it short not to bore you to death. I found it once in e-bay...i was going to buy it for my birthday, mainly because i needed to save. Since im at last semester of college...that doesn't leave a lot of $$$ in my personal account. A week before i ordered...someone "snatched" it. Gosh, that was bad luck. OTL asking, if someone knows where i can get one (without almost having to sell my soul), or someone is willing to sell his/hers to me...

It would make this girl INMENSELY happy :)

Oh, My ultimate collecting goal is to have the collection of eevee evolutions pokedolls/canvas. Right now i want the eevee canvas...

Ok, that is a loooot to ask, for now, but maybe someday....

I think that's it so far...i kinda talk too much

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