Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Sales slashed and my first MPCs!

I just lowered a bunch of prices + demoted some stuff from auction to straight sale and from cheap to freebie status. Have at it!

Pokemon sales.

aaaaand for all your cards/stickers/puzzlepiece/etc flats needs:

Flat items sales.

Over the weekend, I was at SMASH! in Sydney! I was tabling 90% of the con but I did manage to get away towards the end of the day and get a great deal on some MPC plush. <3 $10 each! No way I could resist. I snapped up a Deerling and a Dwebble. <333

They've made themselves right at home in my plush net!

I was super surprised at the high quality of the MPC plush and they are a really sweet size. Adorable! Originally I was going to pass them by completely but now I find myself looking at the sets that have been announced/released and seriously considering picking up my favourites. ;^; To those people who are collecting all the MPCs: you are braver individuals than I and I salute you, sirs/madams. I can't wait to see photos of those collections!
Tags: deerling, dwebble, mpc, sales
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