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1/1 TOMY Mew Auction + Sales

Hello, all. I've been pretty absent from the comm, despite my wishes. My real life has sorta crapped on me and collecting has not been a priority. I come to you all now, though, with an auction! A friend of mine gifted his small collection to me because he's been moving around a lot and having such large plush to travel with is rather inconvenient. I myself already have a 1/1 Mew, and my room is rather crowded with my two new ferrets living with me now, so I decided to auction this guy off to a better home (with permission from my friend). So, without further ado, here is an auction for a 1/1 Tomy Talking Mew plush!

  • All pkmncollectors rules apply
  • I WILL NOT sell items to banned members
  • Prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or paypal fees - ask for a quote before committing to buy if youre worried about this
  • I ship from NY, USA I will ship anywhere in the USA and internationally
  • My home is pet friendly - I have dogs and a cat. They aren't allowed to touch any of my pokemon, and I'll do my best to clean up the items of any pet hair before they are sent, but please keep this in mind if you have allergies!
  • I will hold items for 2 days (48 hours) max. PLEASE keep me notified on whether you still want the item or not, otherwise it will be passed onto the next person in line at the start of the 3rd day.
  • I live right near the PO and will ship out your item whatever days I am off work that week. I will keep you updated on the status of your order, especially if a problem arises and there is a delay in shipping.
  • Auction will end on Sunday, July 24th at 8 pm
TOMY 1/1 Talking Mew
This plush is in mint/near mint condition and was displayed in my friends pet-free apartment. As seen in the last picture, the plush can come with its original packaging/box. The box, however, is not in mint condition, and is pretty beat up. 

Starting Bid: $70
BIN: $130

The 1/1 Tomy Mew had been BINed!

I also still have many items from my sales post that were not sold, including a TOMY Shaymin plush and Banpresto Palkia. My sales can be found here!
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