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Two questions c:

Hello all again!
I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask, plus two photos of some recent new things I have (and one old one!) - those are under the cut.

First question:
How much is a Poliwhirl pokédoll worth?

I have a friend who is looking for one, and I strangely have one (my dad bought it at the Pokémon center and then gave it to me...I dont know either) but he doesn't have his hang tag.
I've contacted the friend who wants it, but I haven't had a reply but I'd still like to know how much they're worth roughly as I dont have any use for him. I plan to sell him on eBay or something similar if she doesn't want him, so hence my asking c:
He is perfect condition, but like I said, missing his tag.
The same goes for a Gengar Pokédoll I have. He is also missing his hang tag, but he looks like this:

I am a Gengar fan but not that big a fan to collect him, so I would love to get him to a better home eventually, but of course I dont know how much for.

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone has a real, good condition, original Charizard card? I think there are different editions of it, but I am not sure. I dont trust eBay for cards, so that's why I came here.
It's going to be a birthday gift for my fiancée, who stupidly sold his beautiful one when he was younger for £6...and he regrets it so often that I'd like to find him one again.
I'm sure you guys know which one I mean, but to confirm, here is an image
I know it wont be cheap, so I'll have to start saving! I dont plan to buy him right now, his birthday isnt for another 2 months but I know I need to start looking soon because I like being prepared for birthdays haha.

And now for my two little photos!

My mum cleaned out her shed and found my long lost Pikachu gameboy bag! I missed this little guy, and because I cant afford a proper Pikachu bag, I'm considering defacing him and putting on a big shoulder strap so I can actually use him!

Do ignore the state of my photo. I've had to set up my stuff in my mum's kitchen - I have my Cintiq, laptop and commission work all set up here and it's awfully unorganised.

Also! I had some arrivals from members here! I also bought a Pan sticker with Piplup on and a Duosion playing card. All common items but it's the pokemon on it that counts for me c:

Tyranitar's my favourite pokemon ever, and it's so hard to find cute or interesting new merchandise of him! I love this kid, his face is so squishy looking!
Also wobbly pikachu thing is so cute! Even my mother, who dislikes Pokémon to no end, really loved him and commented on how cute he is!

I cant wait to have a room to myself again so I can fill it with all my Pokémon collection from my Storage container :C shouldn't be too long a wait though!

Thanks for reading C:
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