Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Question

Hi, sorry for all of these question posts, but need to know this one :o
How much does a Smeargle beanie go for?  I want one in loved or better condition, as long as it isn't falling apart.  I think it would make the perfect travel buddy, and I may be going too St. Lois at the end of the summer, so I need one fast.
It doesn't need a hang tag, or a tush tag...but if it has one, it's fine :D
Thanks you guys so much, you are the greatest! 
  Answered, thanks ~
I know now that this one is waaay to expesive :D

EDIT:  Are there any beanie plushies that range from 5-10 shipped?  I really want one as a travel buddy, but I am low on funds :)  Thanks so much, and i pretty much love every pokemon :D

Also, I doubt there is, but just checking :D
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