acciolucius (acciolucius) wrote in pkmncollectors,

how long does it really take to get sales permission?

Sorry for posting again so soon.

I know the application page days from a few days to a few weeks, but I've seen as long as a 2 month span between evaluations. I'm asking because I'm wondering if I should try selling some of my Pokemon stuff elsewhere while I wait and see if I am approved for sales. There's a market in town that gets a lot of traffic (like a flea market, but with really nice and brand new items), but I don't want to sit out in the heat. I also don't want to take that route if I can get approved sooner and let my items have better homes with the comm members. :)
Answered. Thanks guys. :)

Also, I bought several new things for my Snivy collection today. *is excited* There's still several plushies I want, but I'm going to have to wait until I get a few more spare dollars. I'm mainly wanting the Pokedoll, but for now I'm happy with my Pokemon Center plush. It's probably my favorite out of all the Snivy plushies (besides the ginormous one). I still can't get over how adorable and soft it is. ^_^

And so now this post won't be totally boring...picture time!

Finally, finally, finally, got one of these cuties. I have been nuts over them since getting back into Pokemon.

Sevy has a new friend...but wait.

There's two of them! And yes, the other does have a purple ribbon around its neck.
Three guesses as to what my favorite color is.

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