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captainangel GA, PAY FOR SHIPPING!

Hey everyone! I edited the spreadsheet last night with the shipping cost from me to all of you ^_^


I still need to goto the P.O. and get quotes for my international participants! Sorry it's taking so long ;A; Work has me quite busy!

I also want to note that if any of you would like confirmation codes/tracking numbers, it will be an extra 85 cents! Just add that to your total if you'd like one and put it in a note when sending the money to me!

Please send all your payments AS GOODS to mariahfst@yahoo.com
Please also include the following:
-your LJ name
-what the payment is for
-what you won

I think that just about covers everything!
If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to comment below!

P.S.!- I will personally PM the international participants their shipping totals, along with editing the spreadsheet :)

Thanks everyone!! :D
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