lyndsay (lyndsaygorawr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection

Hello hello! :3
Today I am showing my cute little collection. Lol
Sadly this is only part of my Pokemon collection because most of it is at my moms.

here is a picture of my plush and figures that I have at my new place. I know its nothing to special but I like it. Lol
The hydreigon and emolga were made be me! :D
And the deino was crocheted by someone off of da
And that cutie zweilous was made by bluest_mercury
I have quite a bit of stuff that's one there way to me so I will have to do an update soon.
I also have TONS of Pokemon cards but I am to lazy to take pictures of those. Lol
I have 2 huge binders full of cards and two smaller ones fulls of holos a cute pikachu card folder full of my 1st edition cards and shadowless cards.
I will take pictures some day.
(Go here) for more pictures and close ups. :3
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