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Collection update and a question

Hi everyone!

I'm back with some stuff which arrived in the mail recently. Also i'll be on vacation tomorrow so last post for a week.
So let's start with things from jedi_amara's GA run by elisha1288 

Poor shaymin clearfile got a little bended, but right now it's under a big pile of books so it will be flattened soon :))))
Also there is a french Butterfree card, a mystery dungeon booklet thing, and a jigglypuff clefairy pencil, and of course the running squishy pichu keychain plus and ensky gum.

The kids are from Horrifically GA. They are a bit beat up, (especially jirachi)  but i'm going to have fun repainting them ^^

And the lugia charm is from the wonderful spideyroxas  

I just adore the squishy pichu it's just too cute <3 He is running X3

His little feet are way too cute X3

Moving on to some cards from bluehyaku 

I've been after this jolty card for some time and finally i was able to get one ^ ^ 
Although i'm not  into cards that much, but this one's artwork really caught me.

But i like the other jolteon card aswell :)))

And the rest of the cards


Okay now jump to my question. It's about my first pokedoll ever (you could guess, which pokemon was it XDXD) I won him off ebay, and i have a feeling that he is a bootleg.

So is he really a bootleg?

Answered thanks :))))

Another thing i bid on a pichu laying beanbag plush who was loved in a GA and it was noted that it didn't have any tags. And the problem is that i can't seem to find that GA, and i don't remember who was it hosted by.... 
Help please!!

The other thing some time ago i finished a custom plush.
Jolteon :)))))))))
Also i will be auctioning him off after i return from vacation (i'll be on vacation next week). 

Thanks for reading ^^

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