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This is not how it was supposed to be... + new gets + Eevos auction and small sale

Hey guys!!!! I am back from Sweden (I have visited my best friend from the internet <333) with a lot of new awesome stuff I have gotten from there! <333

But...........now really, imagine yourself with going with a few of your favorite plushies....

.......and then coming back with a big load of crap like this:

uummmm, yeah 8D;;;
Going to Toys R Us, to other toy stores, or fairs pays out a lot <3

So I thought I would share the things (only Pokemon though) I have gotten from there! <3

I found a random Black and White magazine in a supermarket, so of course, I got it immediately! <33333
I really love the random selection of B/W pokemon on the poster (the other side has Reshi a Zekky on it), and especially the extras!!!

I really love them! I like wearing sweatbands a lot, and it has been at least 15 years since I have had a Watergame like that! Just have to fill it with water and there we go! :D

AFFADSFADSFASAAAAA, I would have never thought I would get the two different Mantyke Jakks mint in packages! <33333
The one with the marble was a present from my best inet friend and the other one with Buizel was bought from a swedish Toys R Us :D

Meganium and Charmander TOMYs MWT from my best inet friend as well! It makes me really happy to get things in their original packages! Aren't they so cute? :D

I was incredibly lucky to get some random kids from Toys R Us as well.......even though they were kind of expensive. I am putting up some for straight sale and the Eevolutions up for auction, though somebody might be interested (I am only keeping Eevee) :D

I have gotten a nice Bayleef TFG from my friend, but I broke it accidentally, so I have to glue it back OTL

I bought some random pokeballs with original figures, including stickers and candy in them (I bought actually four of them, I had one Raikou and Jirachi, but gave them to my friend). The PMD Piplup is from Gamestop that my friend bought for me. I am really surprised how big it is, it's really cute <3333

This has actually nothing to do with Pokemon, but I have to say I have grown to like those little stamps that we GB'd in this community. As you probably see, I got quite a few, and my friend bought me a whole box, full of Mamegomas....OH THE JOY! I love working with them >WWWW<

Another not really Pokemon thing, but I thought I would still share. The "Ocean in my Pocket" is another thing me and my friend were "looking through" at Toys R Us. At least from my side, I kept retouching them, so I would get the one sea creature I really wanted (after all, it had a random figure in it). I ended up buying one, hoping to get the one I want and my friend two of them (she wanted a turtle and a dolphin, which I successflly could get her :D). Now look what I have gotten:

WHY YES!!! I really wanted a manta ray of course, some of you who know me know that I love irl manta rays. It made me so happy I was successful to get the one I wanted! So happy!!! My Mantyke kid seems to like him too!! <33333
So well, that is more or less it with the Pokemon things I  have gotten :D
Now while I was away there, I have also gotten a bunch of packages, waiting for me to come home! <33333
And here is what I have gotten one by one:
DAWWWWWWWWWWWW, I have purchased this cute sleeping poster from usakochan, of course because of the Charmander, but heck, I can't stop loving everybody in this picture!! That's how cute it is!! <333
Some gets from Hardrock Pokemon. I am trying to get every Whimsicott merchandise there is out there. Seriously, I ave fallen in love with that Pokemon! <3 
Otherwise, I would have NEVER though that I would get myself some dex charms, since they tend to get so expensive.....I must have been extremely lucky to get the Charmander line...you can't even imagine my happiness about them!!! ;WWWWW;
And as always, I am trying to get as much manta rays merchandise as possible! I am just doing my best to get most of the merchandise! <3333
And even though I have the Snivy Dreamworld plush, I really wanted to have the charm with the Snivy holding the basket of fruit/berries...it's so immensely cute! <3333
I really wanted the reversible plush Snivy for quite some time now, so I finally got it from eevee_kins!! So happy! <333
Snivy McDonald's toy from Japan from killmeneko! Since I have gotten the McD;s toy from the USA, I really wanted the japanese one as well, so I got it! <3333
Awwwwww, my first battrios ever!!! They are from a GA that were hosted by pannsie! I am deeply satisfied with them and I am already planning to get more of those! :D
Finally the items I have claimed from a GA with pokepalace came to my home! The Shinx kid will be for my friend and I am deeply happy about the mantine and Meganium stamps! <3333
I decided to collect Gold as much as I  can. It's hard for his merchandise to come by, so I thought I might as well add customs! This one is a foam art made by k1yuu! Isn't he super cute? <333
This sprite is from bladespark! I never would have thought it's actually that big! I really love it! <3333
Another cute custom charm from myntii! I am really happy I got it! I love her simple style! :D
And that's it for now! I am of course awaiting more packages to come! :D
And now for straight sale and quick auction! :D
I am putting up the new Eevolution kids (mint taken from package) for auction and other kids and the Typhlosion candy figure for quick sale! :)
- I have gotten sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo.
- All prices are in dollars.
- About shipping! I can either send you things from the Slovak Republic, or if you are willing to wait until August 9th, I can send them to you from the USA :)
- Prices do not include shipping! You will have to pay for packaging and shipping extra!
- You can suggest a different price or haggle, but we would have to discuss that.
- Please, I am not responsible when the mail gets lost. Though I can assure you that if you want it to be sent from Slovakia, they actually take shipping very serious and are fully reliable!
- I can ship anywhere in the world.
- let me know if you have any other questions! :)
Typhlosion candy figure - 5$ (this is the same price I have bought it for, just so you know)
Kid figures (mint, taken from package!) - 3$ each
Other kid figures (mint, taken from packaging)  - 3$ each
Umbreon kid (new, taken from packaging) - starts at 6$
Espeon kid (new, taken out of package) - starts at 6$
Flareon (attack?) kid (new, taken from package) - starts at 6$
Leafeon (attack?) kid (new, taken from package) - starts at 7$
Jolteon (attack?) kid (new, taken from package) - starts at 6$
- This auction will be held until 2 AM EST on July 24th, which is this Sunday.
- Please bid in increments of 1$!
- No sniping or deleting your bids!!!
- All other auction rules apply! For shipping, look under the sales rules.
Thank you for looking guys!  You are the best! :D
Tags: charmander, espeon, flareon, jolteon, leafeon, mantyke, sales, snivy, umbreon, whimsicott

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