Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hey guys. Sorry for the tiny boring post, but does anybody wish to trade for a BOTTOM HALF, PALKIA AND DIALGA LEGEND? I am looking for:
Any Legend half with Raikou on it!!!
Raikou Kid Figure(I know, trading cards for non cards. I need Raikous, okay?!)
ANY Raikou card that is reverse or holo. C:

Also, I have a teensy reversible Meowth clip plush still up for grabs! Offer me stuff! (READ: No moneys, please. Not until my Paypal is issue free! ;-; )
And I still have that freaking Meowth walkie-talkie! Again, offer me stuffs! PLEASE GET IT AWAY.
If you want/need pictures of will have to wait until I can access a computer, because my phone is stupid. :3 Kthanks.
Trading rules:
I prefer we ship at the same time.
I WILL put tracking, requested or not. ^^
I ship SLOW. I only can on weekends really. No car means not easy to ship.
All other comm rules apply.
*Granted sales permission by Dakajojo 05/22/11
Tags: dialga, meowth, palkia

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