Lauren (citrusfied) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Epcot Orlando Flordia questions? asap before tomorrow!

i know this is rather late of a notice but i just found out that my brother is going to epcot with his g/f and he said if i gave him money he would get me pokemon stuff o.o He's leaving tomorrow morning!

so i had tons of questions the first main one is how much are the tomy figures each? there are a few of them im after. and does anyone know  which ones they have? i know they have alot.

and the pokedolls i think are $14.50, do you know if they will sell the mismagius, valllite, and cottonee plushes there?

also im seeking the audino pokemon center plush, do you think they will have them there, and how much for him?

THANK YOU!! xoxo


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