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 Hey people. I'm going to be going to NY on the 25th. On the 26th, I'll be dropping by the Nintendo World store. I'll be picking up some Pokedolls and other Pokemon things, but I need help with some pricing? I'll also be getting some other nintendo plush, but i'll stay on topic with Pokemon. How much would a regular Pokedoll cost? Like Lugia or... Pikachu? What Pokedolls do they have at the moment? How much does the big Reshiram and Zekrom cost? Thanks. I'll definitely be getting the big Reshiram pokecenter plush. Also, would they have this here? If they do have it, how much would it cost?

The Reshiram DX Pokedoll.

Thanks for your help. When I get back, I'll post an update on what I got Pokemon related at the Nintendo store.


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