Don't be such a sour lemon (em_lemon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't be such a sour lemon

315 pan sticker GA extras

over a hundred left over!

Available to GA participants only. Each pan sticker is 15 cents.

I will make a shipping post after everyone has had a chance to claim stickers. Just a heads up, the package was held up in customs a bit, and I got taxed for it D: I've divided it amongst everyone equally, and it ended up to be around $0.30 for most participants...

gone: croagunk, toxicroak, wailord, phanpy, meditite

gone: treeko line, grovyle (both), tangrowth (both), meditite

gone: mamoswine (left), noctowl

Gone: torchic, machop, machamp, grumpig (foot up), corphish, chimchar, mime jr,

gone: mime jr

Gone: Groudon, arceus
Tags: group auction
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