Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

What's this? Random mysterious haul incoming!

I love grabbing job lots on eBay! You always find weird things...

Like this Charmander! What is he? He's solid but bendy vinyl, and very chunky.

The rest of my haul is just as random. If you spy something that you want, let me know!

Very undignified!

The gold string makes me think he could be an ornament, but he's very heavy.

Then there's this Mewtwo kid sized figure... He's official, but official what?

Last mystery: What is my favourite thing in the whole world now.


Flats.. Yawn.

Kids! Whoopee!

Did you spot him? It's a grubby Sparky! Whee!

I think these are bootlegs. And a Digimon. Snorlax squeaks like a dog toy. XD

Charmander is so happy that he's fallen over.

Rollers! So much fun. :3 And so heavy!

I couldn't see what they were before they arrived. Boooh. Lapras, you so dull!

Dome figures. :3 I had the meowth, years and years ago. I wish I still knew where it was.

That concludes my random additions. I'll sort through these later, as I only wanted a few of the pieces.
Tags: charmander, figures, mewtwo
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