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24 Plush Auction WE WON / Horrifically Huge and Applause plush GA updates

Late payers of the Horrifically Huge GA and people from the newer Applause ga:
I've got all that have been paid packed, and will be shipped out tomorrow morning! I apologize that they did not go out today, I had an emergency errand to run and had no time before work to go to the post.

Hey all! Still ready for more GAs/ Of course I'm bringing them to you! Tonight we have a lovely lot of 24 plush, with me claiming dragonite and dratini for $20. Bidding ends in a little under 4 days, so get those bids in! 

I will be claiming the Dragonite Canvas plush and Dratini KFC plush for $20~+ together. All others are fair game!

NO sniping, and no backing out of bids. Sniping is any bid placed within the last 5 minutes. I will extend by 5 minutes if this happens til bidding subsides. Neg. feedback will be left for any back outs, NO QUESTIONS. Think before you bid, please!

There will be 2 payments! Lot + Shipping to me, then Shipping to you.

Auction ends July 25th at 5:20 PST/8:20 EST

From the seller:
"All the plush in this lot are from my personal collection; I will be moving next month and will not have the space in my moving van for them, so I want them to find a good new home. They come from a smoke-free environment, and although I have a cat, he is not allowed in the room where my plush are kept. Some of them have tags, some do not; feel free to ask if you're curious about a specific plush, and I'll check. Thank you for looking!"

Please wait for all respective threads to go up before bidding.
Tags: glaceon, group auction, jakks, lapras, latias, latios, reshiram, suicune, togepi, zorua
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