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Calling all humans~

Not like, pkmncollector member type of humans, stop flattering yourselves! I'm talking about the small plastic type of humans I can fit on a shelf~ They are much more fun to look at then you people. ;D Of course I am teasing, I love all of you beautiful sweethearts. <3 But in all seriousness, my human collection is coming along beautifully and I am QUITE proud of it.... though, I am missing a FEW TIDBITS to complete certain sets (such as the TFG and Kids) and was hoping you guys would help tie up those loose ends by selling me your spare figures! They will all find a loving home with my crew. <3

(Pictures stolen from Google, the interwebz and a few collector's site such as Larvitarscar and Zefiru, if you want me to take your pictures down, just ask!)

So now onto the wants! LETS DO THIS~

First of all let's start with two that are very high on my wants and not exceedingly rare! The Dawn Jakks Figure I've missed out on a few sales, which were really quite heartbreaking, as they were priced very reasonably everytime, compared to the outrageous 80$ price tag on the ones on eBay! D: I really love the Poke-girls and to top it off, this would complete my Jakk's human set with my Brock and Ash.

Secondly the Misty TFG. Misty is hands down my favorite character in the anime. I absolutely LOVE the TFG pose, it's fabulous. I own the Pearly version of this. I know there's some moderately priced ones on eBay, but I always rather ask comm members first for safety and communication. <3

Next we have two more lovely Dawn figures. The first being a sculpture which I know nothing more of then the pictures tell me, other then it's a Japanese figure? I know this is a rare and sought after piece, but I have to try my luck right? I don't really care with which Pokemon she  comes with though I guess I'd say I prefer Piplup.

The second picture is a posable Dawn that also had an Ash equivalent (which I have on the way now thanks to Larvitarscar! <333) And I'm reallyyy wanting the Dawn to match. I love Poke-girls, and Platinum was the first Pokemon game I had truly gotten into since my childhood. There's the set on ebay for 50$ which is alright but with shipping to Canada they tack on 25$+ which really kills is.. so unless someone from the US wants to go in on it with me and claim Ash and then send me Dawn, this isn't happening!

First of all we have the unmistakable Team Rocket Zukan (ignore the Persian one). Very few humans got the honor of being zukan-fied so I obviously want them all (and I have none! D:) I love Team Rocket's dynamic poses here, which are a refreshing break from the standard poses!

Second we have here is the Professor Oak zukan which is staring at you into your soul asking "Are you a boy or a girl?". xD I have a huge soft spot for the Oaks, first of all because GARY OAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, second of all because I'm sure Prof Oak is having an affair with Deliah Ketchum, Ash's mom. ;D Anywho, I just want this kay?

Next up at two VERY HIGH WANTS that are almost grails to me. First up being the Nurse Joy Tomy Figure. Nurse Joy is MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER. I love her kindness and sometimes tang of attitude. She's plain adorable. I am quite desperate for this figure and I've missed it twice lately which is a tough disappointment. Please help me out, loves! <3

Next is the amazingly sexy PokeCen Diorama Zukan with the Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy figures... this thing is amazing. I bid on it once and regret not bidding more. I love all Pokemon Center merch (literal Pokemon Center merch, not merch from the center. ;D) and this looks stunning. I guess I'd settle for the human pieces but... the rest is so NICE.

BROCKS. YEAA. The first we see here is a Posable Hasbro/Tomy Brock. I already have the Ash and the Misty is on it's way to me now from a GA so I need this badboy to complete it! The accessories are not necessary. Thanks. :3

Brock TFG. I need the colored and Pearly one! Look at him all thinking and stuff. I'm running out of things to say...


Anyways, there's a few other ones I'd like but I'm exhausted of this post so I guess I'll just list them.

- V Trainer (ThinkChip? Iunno..) Talking Ash
- 10th Anniversary Ash Figure (with cloth clothing... limited production)
- 10th Anniversary Ash Sculpture (retails for like 200$.. not happening right away. xD)
- Lt Surge TFG
- Referee TFG
- Brendan TFG
- Sean TFG
- Koga TFG
- Sabrina TFG
- Jessie Finger Puppet
- Any Ash Official Plush
- ANY human metal figure
- The entire Manaphy movie gacha set (which I can't find pics of atm..)

And that's all folks! If you have any human merch/collections to show me, offer me, or inform me of, please do so! I'm always interested in new information and pictures for my wants list! So TL;DR I would like to see ANY HUMAN MERCH YOU HAVE TO SHOW/OFFER. Especially interested in Nurse Joy, Dawn, Misty, May, Jenny or GARY OAK.

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