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So I recently got two new gets, one of which is very big for me considering I had been searching for it for over six months. I consider it a "grail" due to its cost and rarity, and now it is finally mine. The other get was something I just had to have after spotting it in the community banner. C:

A shiny Suicune Pokedoll! So adorable. ;_; Definitely my grail - I'm so proud to have her. I named her Virgo, because it sounds pretty and I think it fits a Suicune.
I purchased Virgo off the comm for a hefty sum, and I do not regret it one bit. I lost so many auctions trying to get one of these that the money soon stopped bothering me.

More shots of Virgo. Yesterday was just utter happiness. Today though, another package arrived, something that I wasn't expecting until tomorrow. I was quite pleased.

Virgo looks curiously at the package.

lol i wonder what that could be?

So yeah, I lied. The whale isn't white, though it is something much better - Wailord! As soon as I saw him in the community banner, I craved blue whale. I just had to have him! So I bought him off eBay for $40, which I think is a total steal because I'm cheap.

Virgo and Wailord together. <3 I need to think of a name for Wailord also, preferably a cute pun-based one.

So that concludes my first exciting gets post. C: The past two days have just been pure blue joy.

Also, does anyone know where I can get this adorable little dude and how much he costs? I know he's a Banpresto UFO but apparently they were released last year so I'm late to the party. Hopefully, they aren't too expensive now because I can't afford another large purchase. EDIT: Answered! :3
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