K (kelly2thec) wrote in pkmncollectors,

winners of the super potion! charity raffle!

I thought I'd share the winners here as well, in case some of you guys donated. :D

And the winners are...

Shelly B. wins Pokeball Headphones by Nella!

Wesley B. wins a Cartridge Soap by DigitalSoaps and an ACEO Card by Sparky Nekomi!

Susan C. wins a Woobat Pillow by Shadowen!

Michael H. wins a set of Pokemon Tarot Cards by Dionashi!

Kodi L. wins a Pokeball Soap by Limetree Candles, an ACEO Card Evolutionary Set by Sparky Nekomi, Pokemon Eyeshadow by Shiro Cosmetics, and a Caterpie Bottle by Kelly Sapp!

Valerie L. wins a Pokemon Paper Cutting Print by Botjira!

Jeremy M. wins a copy of "Letters to an Absent Father" by Mare Odomo and a Pokeball Soap by Limetree Candles!

Travis R. wins a set of Eeveelution Buttons by Takohako Designs!

Daniel S. wins a set of Pokemon Badge Pins by Megan Tone and a Blitzle Custom MLP by Nissa Lion!

Amanda S. wins a set of Pokemon Stickers by Ninie!

Katie S. wins a Reshiram Pocketwatch by Todd Fox and a Pokeball Soap by Limetree Candles!

Didier W. wins a Pokemon Cartridge Soap by DigitalSoaps and a Pokemon Painting by Mark Villarreal!

All winners who have not yet done so need to e-mail Super Potion! at superpotionjapan@gmail.com with their mailing information to claim their prize! Thank you again to everyone who donated goods, funds, and time to make this project possible! Here's wishing a full recovery to all those affected by the disaster of 3/11 and a bright future for the great nation of Japan.

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