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Red Collection Sales

 I'm sorry to post twice in such a short amount of time, but my box of Red Collection arrived today! I pulled a full set less the secret rare cards. I only got Full Art "N" in terms of those. I am putting my extras up for sale! Prices are as follows:

"C" Cards: $0.50
"U" Cards: $0.75
"R" (All of these are holo): $2.00
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium: $0.30
Reuniclus Promo: $4.00

Here's a preview:

Dwebble (C) x3
Crustle (C) x2
Karrablast (C) x1
Foongus (C) x3
Amoonguss (C) x1
Shelmet (C) x1
Accelgor (U) x1
Virizion (R) x0

Victini (R) x0
Heatmor (C) x3
Larvesta (C) x1
Volcanrola (U) x1

Tympole (C) x1
Palpitoad (C) x1
Seismitoad (U) x0
Tirtouga (C) x0
Carrascota (U) x3
Vanillite (C) x2
Vanillish (C) x4
Vanilluxe (U) x3

Frillish (C) x2
Jellicent (U) x2
Cryogonal (U) x0
Kyurem (R) x0

Tynamo (C) x2
Eelektrik (U) x2
Eelektross (R) x0

Yamask (C) x1
Cofagrigus (U) x3
Trubbish (C) x0
Garbodor (C) x1
Elegym (C) x2
Beeheeyem (U) x3
Litwick (C) x0
Lampent (C) x1
Chandelure (U) x0

Gigalith (U) x2
Conkeldurr (U) x1
Archen (C) x0
Archeops (U) x1
Stunfisk (C) x1

Mienshao (C) x0
Golett (C) x3
Golurk (U) x0
Terakkion (R) x0
Landorus (R) x0

Pawniard (C) x1
Bisharp (U) x3
Deino (C) x2
Zweilious (C) x2
Hydreigon (R) x0

Escavilier (U) x0
Durant (C) x1
Cobalion (R) x0

Axew (C) x2
Fraxure (C) x3
Haxorus (R) x0
Druddigon (U) x0

Super Rod x1
Xtranceiver x0
Plume Fossil x0
Cover Fossil x3
Rocky Helmet x0
Eviolite x0
N x0

NOW, in terms of the Reuniclus Promos, they are only available to someone if they buy four packs of Red Collection at specific stores in Japan. With my boxes, I got 10 of them, but I only need one, so the other nine are up for grabs at $4 each, plus shipping!

Thanks guys, and sorry again for posting so soon!
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