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Yet another multipost! :D

Another multi post! :D

First off, I've finished 4 more Littlest Pet Shop customs. They inlcude a Mareep, Shiny Pikachu, Minccino, and an Eevee. The first three were created the same way as the Meowth. The Eevee was created with a different clay and will be how I create these guys in the future, though I am testing a new paint on a Trecko that will be for my self which will hopefully be smoother! :)

Photos and info under here!Collapse )

Other things...
I've got a few new items in my sales. Including a talking bulbasaur and the starters preorder figure from D/P.

I made a collection site! :D I was inspired by all of your collection site! I thought I'd update it everytime something new comes in and do a new collection picture each month to keep it up to date! :D

Also a heads up that the Noxxbunny GA is ending TOMORROW at 1pm PST! Many items do not have bids and we're very close to the amount we neeed to win it Even if I raise my claim! So feel free to pop in and do some bidding! :D

Please don't comment till I get the threads up for the auctions! I'll strike this out when I'm done! :) Go forth and comment! :D
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