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Price checks, help please! + Otakon, anybody?

I'm in dire need of cash, so I'm thinking about selling off a nice chunk of my pokemon merch (and re-opening button/pin commissions in august), and I was wondering if anyone knew the prices of any of the following:

-Pachirisu Talking Plush (Jakks, Still works, Tush Tag Only)
-Ampharos Banpresto (MWT)
-Riolu Pokedoll (Tush Tag Only)
-Umbreon Pokedoll (Velboa, Tush+Hangtag, Hangtag is slightly curved)
-Pokabu PokeCenter plush (MWT)
-Eevee plush (Banpresto, Tush Tag only)
-Meowth Plush (Banpresto, 1 no tag, 1 Tush Tag only)
-Legendary Bird Trio Tomys
-Zorua Jakks
-Toy Factory Pikachu
-Vaporeon Bouncy Balls (x2), old/slightly discolored from age, one has a small chunk missing from it
-Dragonite Bouncy Ball, has one tiny chunk out of it, not really discolored
-Seel Applause Plush (Tush Tag Only, somewhat loved)
-Vulpix Applause Plush (Tush Tag Only)

I also have a small Pikachu collection (with some raichu) I'm thinking of getting rid of, but I'll leave that for another post or update this one.

Thanks in advance!

SECONDLY! Is anybody else going to Otakon this year? I'll be in the artist's alley selling my pokemon pins, and I was wondering if I'd see any of you there! (: I have been very busy lately, so maybe somebody already posted about this, but I thought I'd ask! <3
edit: some other questions, just for fun/my curiosity etc
1.) What Pokemon would you suggest making pins of for the con, excluding starters/eeveelutions?
2.) Who is your favorite pokemon? <3

EDIT EDIT: If you wanna drop by and say hi, I'll be at table BB03, not X02! (see map here!)
Tags: banpresto, jakks, pokedolls
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