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Leeky's Many Lots of Lots Info!

Hey Leeky friends! See all that neat stuff down there? You may want to click and have a look ;)


Also, it's time for Payment #2 of this SUPER AWESOME GA:

Click the photo or this hyperlinked text for the spreadsheet

Please send all payments to segamew_art_emporium   at :D I have noted any discrepancies (like if you didn't even pay payment #1 or sent the wrong amount) and added it to Payment #2. So whatever Payment #2 is (USA or International), please send that much! Also, I changed the Paypal fee formula a bit since Paypal was taking 1-2 cent more per transaction. Obviously I didn't account for anything after the 2nd decimal place. It should be more accurate now hahaha XD;


Invoice #1 for these two GA are in (they're from the same seller in case you're wondering about the combining of the fees)! There were really no discounts as we raised just enough to make minimum bids on these... lucky! And there were A LOT of unclaimed goodies =)

Since the GA itself lasted under 24 hours, I will open up the unbidded items for claims! For any Arceus that didn't get bidded on, you can reply and type "Claim for $15!" after it. As for any unbidded MPC, you can reply with "Claim for $12!" (The claim amount is the same for both GA participants and non participants).

They will only be up for claims for less than a day! Claiming period ends July 23 @ 9:00 PM Hawaiian Time. After I close up the claiming period, I will recalculate the spreadsheet and hopefully we'll see some discounts and shipping/fee burden sharing :D There are only 7 of us in the original bidding between BOTH GA LOTS! Click the photos above to warp to the original auction =)


I still require a few more Gen 1 Auction Suggestions! Clicky click!
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