Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lot Sale

 Well, I've had these items in my post for a while, and seeing they arent selling too well, as I currently dont have enough variety to bump my sales post (as I hadnt been able to do buy runs this month), I decided so sell all this guys as a lot. The pokemon center audino bag will be included

I will start offers in $40 and will accept offers until wednesday the 27th  31st at noon Eastern time


- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply
- Sales permit granted on 07/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from the US
- Due to the amount of items im selling in this lot, I will use delivery confirmation which adds to 80 cents domestically. For international customers, Delivery confirmation will be up to you, as it is expensive
- Once Items are dropped in the mail, I cant do anything else, so I am not responsible if they get lost. Sorry :S
- I live in a dog friendly home, but I dont my dog get near my items. Still hair can fly
- I accept Paypal, money orders and concealed cash (at your own risk!!, I really dont recommend this one bit). When sending payment, please include your LJ name and item(s) you're paying for. Please do not send payment as a gift!
- Haggling is legal BTW
- Trade offers will be considered ONLY if there are no offers
- Feedback is VERY IMPORTANT for me. Please leave it here! Thanks :D

So, after all this fineprint, lets go to the sale

Items in the lot:

-Groudon, Alakazam, Cleffa, totodile and starmie figures
-Skarmory card
-Bootie Mudkip plush
-Jakks tepig, pidove and oshawott plushies (no hangtag, yes tush tag)
-Jakks Pikachu and pokeball 
- Volume 2 of the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum manga
-Pokecenter bag ^^
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