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Collection update and questions about Group Buy

Hey guys ! This is a new little update for July with an awesome get ♥
I put the Blaziken pokedoll in my wantlist since I discover it recently on this community. And a month ago there was one US version on ebay for auction present as in new condition with his handtag. I won it just before my trip to Paris !

I was disappointed when I received it because he's not really "new" cause of the handtag condition and the velboa is used and a bit dirty on his foots.

I have no idea how this pokedoll is worth with his tag but I am really happy to get mine ♥.

Also amazing for me. I get the last Rampardos kids I miss for my collection. THE CLEAR ONE!
I get it with the help of bolin  and bought from peeche00 ♥

As you can see the kids is pictured with my shiny Rampardos (in game), my love for the Cranidos line came from him, my first shiny pokemon =D

This little guy came from a trade with Chibitigre on Deviantart, who just start to made customs clay keychains.

Also, I'd like to make my first Group Buy for this lot of rare movie zukans :

The lot is complete with :
2 Lucario pieces
Mew and the castle by day and by night version.
pictures of the set here :
zukanranger the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Special Zukan Set 4

I want to claim the fossils piece.

I just want want to know if the rules for Group Buy are the same as Group auctions ones ?
Because I don't have much experience, I'd like to run it with somebody from US ! (I'm from france, so the final shipping to US will be more expensive)
Thanks !

Sorry the lot was just bought, I sent the message to the seller and hope it will be relisted. =(
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