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shipping update, collection update and sales!

 Oh howdy there B:

First of all a quick shipping update! For people in the plush GA, basically a lot of teh biggest parcels bounced back, as royal mail forgot to tell me that their is now a size limit on parcels leaving the UK :T If it's in a BOX and over the size limit, It can still be sent (but the price will double). If its over 90cm in length, width, and bredth and over 2KG in weight and NOT in a box however (mailing bag, bubble mailer, etc) it cannot be sent at all :T SO I had to repackage and reship half the GA plush :C SO all the shipping got pushed back due to me having to front $80-$90 in extra shipping :C I'm sorry guys! EVERYTHING should be well on it's way to you now though!

EDIT: Could cherileemeow PLEASE get back to me about their plush from the GA I ran? You're the only person I'm expecting money from now for this GA and I've made multiple attempts to contact you! Thanks!

Secondly, COLLECTION UPDATE and a bit of a reintro I guess B:
My name is Danni, AKA fizzycat, and I've been here a while now...a year and 3-4 months? maybe more, IDK B: But My favourite pokemon is gible, and just recently I just finished an astrononomical task...

I now own every single non flat gible item ever made.

SO, without further ado, LETS COMPARE AND SEE WHATS WHAT.
this was my Gible collection when I first joined...

and here is my collection now.


SO, what was the LAST non flat item I needed for this collection?

Yeah, this took me an age to track down :T But HOORAY FOR GA'S! As soon as this popped up in a GA I had about 20 PM's and message's with people getting more excited about me potentially getting it than I was lol B: IT WAS INDEED QUITE AMUSING, But it shows HOW AMAZING this community is ;A; ILU ALL

OH WAIT, what's that? I'm missing the RED ensky stamper?

(I always forget to put it back on the shelf after using it klsdbgwjsg :T)


It kind of saddens me though...it's kind of the end of this collection for me :C I guess I can get more customs, I just wish Gible got more non flats! In any case, I'll still be buying all the flats I find B:
What other Gible items do I have?
DVD's that can't currently fit on the shelf!
keychains by MY BRO captainangel and ruenis !
My baby George ;A; he is just THE BEST <3333 thank you xsystem69 
and finally...
my fuzzy raichu wearing my Gible hat! The one I wore to LondonEXPO this year (and now every year! B:) made byhazuza and its GORGEOUS!
I...think that's all my Gible stuff atm :V I have a few other bits, but that's everything major! Now onto the 'chus...
yeah, I've actually weeded more than added :C makes me sad face but was somewhat needed!
Though I DO have...a lot of new raichu cards! Lets have a look...
(the empty slot is for an english lt surge's raichu holo on the way!)
quite a few new additions! Still afetr any raichu cards not pictured here however! Let me know if you have any! <33

and I have my backpack raichu watching over them all: 
and finally...a bit of a grail get!
...oh yeah *put on shades*
My main collection is actually videogames, so whenever any of the limited systems come up I always want them! This one in particular though I was after for a very long time...so when mellow_candy  put it up for sale I couldn't say no! Another shot here:
...mmmmm. Thanks so much mellow_candy! I love it!
OKAY! thats all that! Thirdly, a SALES POST UPDATE! I'm selling nearly ALL my pokemon figures and such that aren't part of my main collections due to needing the money for my boyfriends birthday! So help give these guys a home! And feel free to offer on anything :) Whatever isnt sold will be going on ebay!
Includes a VERY RARE pokemotion, legendary birds zukans, johto zukans, lots of rare kids and a suicune pokedoll!
Alright, I think that's all! Finally, I have had a lot of emails recently and my email box decided to bloody clear itself out :C SO I've tried to get back to everyone that's been awaiting a response, but if you're waiting for a response on me for anything, please let me know! I'll get back to you asap :)
thanks again guys! I love you all! MWAH XX
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