Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder! + Quick wants

 Hi there! <3

Just wanted to remind on some new, taken from packages Eevolution kids that I put up for auction, they will end in about 10 hours from now, so get your bids in please! :D

Here is the link to the auction: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9794417.html
And now some quick wants, need some help! <3

I am looking for the Snivy with the arms up kid. I know there is one on eBay, but I thought I would ask here first :)

I am looking for more Whimsicott merchandise (so far, I got only one pokedoll, a tin from Gin including him, a 32-pack of deck sleeves, the TCG card box, and a set of Grass rub off stickers, including him), and especially TCGs, like this one shown. I am really looking forward to the kid that is coming out in September! <333

And the last thing, show me also some Snivy line and Mantyke/Mantine TCGs, if you are willing to sell them. I have some, but not many :)

Thank you guys for reading! <3
Tags: group auction, mantine, mantyke, serperior, servine, snivy, whimsicott
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