Azrael Alexander (azraelalexander) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Azrael Alexander

Big Sale - part 1 - lots of Suicune

My life is changing drastically very fast, and any extra money is a blessing. I do not want to sell these things, but I know that it will bring me to a happier place in my life. Material things can be replaced over time. I kept the things that I loved the most, so I am at peace. I will update this with more things when I finish taking/uploading photos.

Sofubi figure MWT- $20HOLD

Big pose figure - $15

Zukan - No peg. I use half a toothpick in place of one. Otherwise mint. $8

Mc+ - $8

Pearly Tomyx2 - $10 each

Puzzle figure - $5

Tomy - $5

Kids figure - $4

Kids Figure - $4

Clipping Figure - $10

Pearly Keychain - $10

Keshipoke $4HOLD

Netsuke strap - $6

Chupa Chup - $4 (has a bad paint job but is mint condition)

Movie strap - $6

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