pantherotter (pantherotter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Banpresto Plush GA

Hi community! Aleyina and I bring you a GA for Banpresto plushes (LOL! Sorry for the error there! ^^;).

*I will be claiming Stoutland for $15 and willing to go higher if necessary. Aleyina will not be claiming anything.
*Judging from the picture, they seem to be MWT.

*Everything will start at $4.
*Bid increments of $1 or more.
*Do NOT retract bids. Only bid if you can afford it. Negative feedback will be left if this is done, regardless of the circumstances.
*Do NOT back out of paying once the time comes for it.
*No sniping. The auction will be extended another 10 minutes until that time passes without any bids.

If we win:
*There will be 3 payments. The 1st is for the auction itself. The 2nd is for shipping from Japan to my house. The 3rd will be shipping from my house to yours.
*I will be shipping from Texas. If you have any concerns over how much shipping will be, please ask me. I expect shipping to be a little high, especially since rates have gone up in the US. :(

This auction will end on July 29th at 8:00 AM CDT. I will only post one reminder. :3

Please wait until aleyina posts the threads before bidding. All done and error free! Again, sorry for the mistake there. ^^; I'm human. XD Bid away.
Because I was never notified of any problems by aleyina, bidding for this auction has ended. We also won! Because of the fluctuating yen rate it could cost anything. I am not sure if there will be discounts or not. To be on the safe side, please don't expect them. I will get the totals for the auction as soon as I get an invoice. :3
Tags: group auction, plush
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