Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Let's scoot the boot, round the collection, oh ya know....

Hi guys! Sorry to post again so soon, but my last post was craptastic and boring. So, we are in need of a collection update, after the hours I put into moving my collection around. C:

ThinkChip Ash. Had him forever, but just found here we go. :D

Eevee stuff. I have Espeon and Umbreon Jakks, but they are hiding by Squeakachu. C:


A hammock! With PLUSHIES!.....and a Bulbasaur dangling for his life beneath it. Hang in there, little buddy. We love you. Also, that Torchic you see there? HE IS THE SOFTEST PLUSH EVER. I love cuddling him.

More starters! But wait.....there's room now? No more tiny shelf? Holy crap, Batman! As you can see, there are now cups and things. Yay!

Taking it down a level....Legends! Oh hey, they used to be by the beasts. Guess they have more room now. These guys? Well....still cramped.

On to the next shelf, the birds! There used to be some Legends down here, like Dialga and Palkia. But now, we have one of my big sides, the birdlike pokes! Aerodactyl counts, OKAY?

Water type pokemon! I've always loved them, but never thought of collecting them. Now, I have decided to go ahead and compile all my merch into this spot by the Birds. Sky and sea fitting.

Now, for a few tiny trade/sale items.
Edit: Forgot sales permish date. XD;

___Sales/trade rules!___
**Granted sales permission 05/22/2011 by dakajojo! :3
*We will ship at the same time for trades.
*I only ship on weekends unless it is a trade and a weekday is the only time available.
*Do not delete posts please, unless you have a GOOD reason! This gets annoying!
*All other comm rules apply!

OK, the Sandile Jakks is MWT and TRADE ONLY. See my wants for what you should offer. Meowth Reversible Clip Plush, offer me a TRADE or $$$ over $5. Dialga Coin, $0.50. Zekrom Stylus, trade or $1.

Jakks Figures- $3 each or trade. Scyther Tomy, $3. Absol, $3. Silver Absol, $4 or trade. Meowth walkie talkie! TRADE or offer over $10!

*******Legs/Altered Giratina Pokedoll, loved w/o tags for a travel buddy! Will trade multiple items for him!!!!!*****
ANY bird or water type kid figure!
***Pidgeot Kid
**Jakks Zorua, Lugia, Ralts, Politoed, or Murkrow! (Trade for Sandile!
Reshiram DX Tomy!
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