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Super Multi-Purpose Post of Multi-Purposefulness!

(Collection Expansion + Borders Adventures) + Delicious Sales + Wishful Wants + Settei Questions = Super Multi-Purpose Post! :D
BEWARE!  This is a BIG post with MANY pictures!!
Collection Expansion and Borders Adventures first!  I have new customs and the PokeSpe manga!

A cute N keychain from Etsy! <3

Another charm, also from Etsy! <3 His pants are sort of transparent xD It's very very cute!  But I'm not sure how tactical transparent pants are in real life xD

I got this cute pin/badge from the comm! <3 I LOVE how it's off-center (it's a rule-of-thirds thing, for all you art nerds out there <3)
I also went to Borders was one of my favorite stores, and sadly as most of you know it will be closing down.  I was lucky enough (knock on wood~) to go today (although I almost cried as I walked through the place) and get the last of these two~

I am NOT a fan of PokeSpe/Adventures.  At ALL.  As a major fan of the main series canon, I get devastated when I see PokeSpe alter the characters (Pryce, WHYYYYYYY??!1~ ;;A;; ) and people think of it to be official canon!  However, I can respect the new approach it takes to the regions~ It adds a new variety of fans to the franchise which is always wonderful :D But enough of this analysis xD The reason why I bought manga that I do not like...

Yeah, that's right.  Don't pretend like you don't see him, staring at Hilbert Black HILBERT all sexy-like.  My good friend is a VERY big fan of PokeSpe and knows of my infamous dislike of it, and told me I was doomed to buy many many issues of this xD I don't mind though, PokeSpe art is nice and it's fun to stare at N in unconventional poses xD

"I see more people... neglecting their N collections!  Everyone, collect me!" -dramatic crying with tears flying through the air-

Yay N shelves~ <3

The complete N shelves! <333 Knock on wood (I say that a lot... xD) I was able to get all of this...and organize it! xDD The top left one is NOT an N shelf (though it will be one soon!  once I find a place to put those flats and my wonderful!dreaming!oshawott!<333).  The top right one also isn't an N shelf yet...but the top middle one is!  That strange reflection-like thing is from the clearfiles! xD The bottom left one has the Zekrom file case, framed picture, and mug.  The bottom middle one has the Reshiram file case, framed picture, and mug.  The middle right one has the Reshiram notebook, Zekrom notebook, TCG deck box, card sleeves, stickers, and customs.  The lower right one is lonely with only the limited edition guide and the PokeSpe manga xD
Next are sales! :D Rules and sales, including Sugimori clear files, PokeDolls, McDonald's toys, Mega bloks and more, below this cut!
I was given sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11 :D

All prices include fees and shipping within the US!  If you live outside of the US, please add $1 to shipping fees! :) Also, all prices in US Dollars :3

I can hold an item for you as long as you mention how long the hold is and as long as you really plan on buying the item! :3

Haggling is okay :> I may or may not accept your offer, but I won't get mad if you try! x3

I only accept PayPal payments at this time--sorry for any inconvenience this may cause :(

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :D

Minccino PokeCen plush, mint with all tags $25
Lickilicky PokeDoll plush, mint with tush tag only $15
Totodile PokeDoll plush, mint with all tags (hang tag has small rip) $22
Riolu PokeDoll plush, mint with all tags $25
Skitty PokeDoll plush, mint with all tags $25

Reshiram McDonald's Toy, mint in opened package $3
Pikachu McDonald's Toy, mint in opened packaging $3
Legendary Dogs Mini Binder (with Lugia and Ho-oh on back), new $4
Metang Kid, new $3
Illumise mega blok, new $3
Clefairy mega blok, new $3
Gardevoir mega blok, new $3
Kirlia mega blok, new $3

DP Starters DS Lite case, new $5
Worlds 2010 Hawaii cardboard deck box, used $2
Derpy Off-Center Friend Ball Jakks, new in shrink wrap $2.50

Inflatable Cushion, new and unused out of packaging $6

2x Jirachi and friends Sugimori clear file, new $9 each

Lati@s and friends Sugimori clear file, new $9

2x Darkrai and enemies friends Sugimori clear file, new $9 each

Rayquaza and dinner friends Sugimori clear file, new $9

3x Sugimori clear file cases, new $9 each
And now, time for wishful wants!

Instead of harassing this section with pictures, I'll just include it as a list xD
~Sugimori Collection N+Zekrom Notebook (new in packaging)
~Red Collection 66 N card x infinity
~Red Collection 71 N card x infinity
~Official BW Guide Volume 1 paperback! (as mint as possible)
~N+Team Plasma deck box (new in packaging)
~N card sleeves x infinity
~Sugimori Collection N+Reshiram clear file (new in packaging) ORDERED! :D
I know I can get many of these on Hardrock Pokemon and eBay, and Sunyshore still has the sleeves, but I was hoping for trades instead of direct purchases for some of these.  If anyone is willing to do a trade for any of these things, please let me know~ Thank you! :D <3
Now, I had some questions about settei, since I've seen them but never really knew what they were...if anyone can help me with these I'd really appreciate it, thank you! :D <3
1.  What are settei exactly?  Are they actually used in the animation process, or are they simply used in planning--or are they neither?  Both?
2.  Where do settei come from?  Specifically, if they are used by animators, how do they get distributed to the public?
3.  Are there any specific places/websites besides here (or Yahoo! auctions Japan) to buy settei?  This question sort of ties in with #2.
4.  Are settei unique, or are there multiples of some/all of them?
Thank you all for looking! <3 Sorry for such a big post xD I didn't think it would be nice to make so many different posts one day after another though~ So thank you all for putting up with me ;A; <3
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