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What do you guys think? (Pokedoll question)

 Hello all!

It's been a while since I've posted a journal to here..I have pretty much no collection, so I have pretty much nothing to post about! Dx But I should be getting something relatively soon, and I'll be sure to do an update when it arrives~

Anyway, the real purpose of this post! I need the opinions of you seasoned collectors out there.

I want a Zekrom Pokedoll. They look adorable and soft and cuddly and SO worth owning. However, they seem rather pricey. I understand that they are bigger Pokedolls and Japan-exclusive, which makes them worth more, but I just don't have $40+ to spend on one. So, as much as I want one, I decided to put the doll out of my mind until I manage to scrape together a lot more extra money.

But then I was thinking...what if the Pokedoll came to America, as an American release? It seems like that would make the price drop significantly, according to the price differences I've seen on some other JP/USA Pokedolls. But I don't know if Zekrom actually WILL come to America. I'd think he would, since all other legendary dolls have, but who knows? And I also don't know if he'd be made differently - with velboa instead of minky, or something. If it was made of velboa I probably wouldn't want it, unless the price was WAY below what they are going for now.

Basically I'm wondering you guys think it's smart to wait on buying one until (if) an American version comes out. If one DOES, and it's velboa or something, do you think the price of the Japanese ones would skyrocket? Maybe I should just try my best to afford one now...? GUH idk XD
Any help/opinions are welcome, since I'm very unexperienced with this kind of stuff, and don't want to end up regretting whatever decision I decide to make XD
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