Ann (iconraven) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon merch on California coast?

Hey everyone! Kind of a boring post, but I'm going on a road trip tomorrow (my Arceus pokedoll Grumplestiltskin and possibly my tiny Snubbull plush will be accompanying me x3) and I'm going to be in Monterrey, CA and possibly Carmel. I've been there several times, but never looking for Pokemon merchandise XD So I was wondering if anyone happens ot know of any places that sell Pokemon merch around there? D: I highly doubt there's any little shops there that do sell that kind of stuff, but you never know! Even though I've been there tons of times I usually stay around the same areas :3

A huge collection update is in the works from me, along with a possible re-introduction (even though I've been crazy active on the comm lately, I only ever posted an intro when I was a newbie to the comm around 2 years ago XD I'm waiting on tons of packages, including plush and tons of TFGs I've recently acquired (I will of course be offering the extras to everyone on the comm :3)

And before I go, a quick meme! We all love our plushies and pokedolls, but what plush out of your entire collection is your absolute favorite, and why? I know it's a tough question, and I'm having trouble answering it on my own XD I think mine varies, because obviously, as most of you know right now I am in love with my Reshiram pokedoll D: But if I had to pick one thing, it'd probably be my Bidoof pokedoll because he is the cutest official Bidoof plush ever and was one of my first ever Bidoof items <3
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