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BW Retsuden Movie Magnets!

These guys sell out fast and become very uncommon, like most Ensky merch (Retsuden stamps anyone?) so snatch 'em up while you can! I haven't sent anything out from my new sales yet, so if you want to combine that's totally possible! I'll be sending everything out on Monday.

I ship from Canada! Shipping for starts at:


Canada: $.75
US: $1.30
International: $2.15


US: $6.25

Prices are in USD! Paypal only!

I ship when I'm off work and the post office is open.

I reserve the right not to sell to you or accept your offers.

Do not bid unless you are committed to pay!

I'm not responsible for lost mail and don't offer refunds. :(

For anyone who wanted to see the missing magnets I kept, here they are :DD A couple had no doubles, shame! It's always Scraggy, I swear.

Now for the magnets! I will accept a little haggling on these, especially if you're getting a couple of magnets/less popular Pokemon. Just ask!

All are $4 each!

$4 each, Blitzle and Zebstrika are $5. Mandibuzz $2, since when I took the magnet out it peeled up a little bit at one of the corners... weird since that's never happened to me before.

$4 each, Beartic is $3 and Hydreigon is $5

Hydreigon is $5, Klink/Klang/Klinklang are $3, Pikachu is $2.

$4 each, Tepig is $3, Pikachu is $2.

$.25 each!

I've also added some new cards to my sales from the Japanese Battle Victini deck and Virizion deck, including holos! Check 'em out by clicking here or on the picture! And of course any flats can be combined from my sales.
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