Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


i will not call out specific names, here, but i have to say i am really not impressed with what happened in my post offer to bid on those rare plushies (nor with what has been posted on private journals about it, but that is not my jurisdiction). i said it was between everyone to decide, but i did not mean that it would change from a first come first served to a who-will-pay-the-most auction. the people who called the plush first now have their claim on them, and as all of them have chosen to KEEP their claim, that is the end of it. nobody who claimed this plushies is wrong for doing so, no matter how upset anyone is, and they are all paying a high price for the plush. i know i don't pay big bills for pokemon i don't want.

i really am dissapointed with how this was all handled (even in myself for not being more clear/for being a dumbass) and it reinforces why it is REALLY important to CLEARLY state what you are doing with a post before posting.

here is what i really want to say: PLEASE, do not be afraid to call out the mods just like you would any other member if we do something retarded. you aren't gonna be banned if you put us in our place. i cannot speak for the other mods, but if you contact me with a problem you have with me, it will be resolved WITHOUT you being banned or screamed at. and also, please do not worry that mods band together to break rules together. i have reminded fellow mods anytime a rule was broken, and it has not been allowed to slip.

if you ever feel a mod is breaking a rule and getting away with it, or if you have a problem with any moderation policy here, please don't be scared to contact me about it/or even reply to this post right now and tell us about it. i offer myself up to you, have at us, so we can better ourselves and the community :D

second of all... what the heck are these? obviously not japanese, but they dont look shitty enough to be bootleg. i have to assume they are tho, since i have no idea where they come from. does any of you peoples know? :D

Tags: modpost
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