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More Updates and Sales From Japan!

The Pokemon Center was holding its own lotto today - I really wanted a toaster of my own, and had been eyeing the "Last One" Pikachu and Victini, so I threw in a lot of yen and got a lot of things :D

I had to buy a lot of the lower prizes to get him, but I certainly do not regret it.  It's a really unique item to have and I definitely recommend it to Pokedoll, Pikachu, or plush collectors in general.

I also got another Zekrom Lotto Figure!  I actually won Reshiram, but the little girl who won Zekrom really wanted Reshiram so we swapped (you can read the story in my journal).  And that works for you guys, since I know quite a few collectors have been looking for a Zekrom figure :D  I have added the Zekrom Lotto Figure to the Reshiram offers page - his offers will start at $75 or $100 BIN.  Bought!  Click the Lotto Figures picture to get to the offers page - offers on Reshiram are ending tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST.
So this is everything in my room right now, not including allllll of the lower prizes. Is this a little obnoxious? I think so.

Also because everyone and their mothers is obsessed with the Pikachu Toaster, I took a (very lame) video of me opening it up. I'll have to take a video of it toasting Pikachu heads onto my bread when I'm home :D

To recoup my lotto costs, I have A LOT of things for sale today.  Same deal as the rest of my sales here - I'll be shipping when I get back to the US next week, and feel free to combine with anything.

Cleafile Sets (each set comes with small, medium, and large clearfiles) - $8 each

Keychain Straps (will likely be taken out of the packaging) - $6.50 each, Victini sold

Notebook Sets (each set comes with a small and large notebook) - $5 each, middle notebook sold out

Glass Cups - $6.50 each, Starters cup sold

Hand Towel Set - $5 each (many, many available)

Shoulder Bag - $20

2010 Promo Pikachu Pins - $4 each (lying and window Pikachu sold)

Darmanitan Chupa - $3
Serperior Chupa - $5

Dot Promo Clearfile (all 5th Gen Pokemon, picture shows front and back) - $7 each

NIP Kids, box will be neatly flattened when shipped - $5 each (Emonga and Chillarmy sold)

Ensky Magnets - $2 each unless otherwise stated
Servine - $4
Darumakka - $3
Swadloon - $3
Dewott, Drilbur, Excadril not available

Can Badges - $2 each unless otherwise noted
Minccino - $3 each
Sandile - $3 each (one left)
Cottonee - $3
Excadril sold

Pokemon Time Straps - $12 each

Chillarmy Messenger Bag - $35

Espeon Umbreon Promo Apron - $50 OBO

Snivy MPC - $15
Victini MPC - $15

Pikachu Stylus - $1.50 or freebie with purchase over $10
Overdrive Zekrom Stylus - $3.50

Gachapon Charms (Clear Zekrom, Blitzle, Clear Victini) - $3.50 each

Light Up Keychain (Darumakka, Munna) - $4 each

White Hero Zukans (Gothitelle Line, Hydregion) - $10 each

Movie TOMYs - will be shipped with their respective backgrounds cut out from the packaging
Reshiram and Zekrom TOMYs - $3.50 each
Reuniculus, Gothitelle - $6 each
Regular Victini - $4
All others sold

Panpour Charm - $13

Axew Banpresto - $10

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