Julie X. Fox (invader_julie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Julie X. Fox


lineaalba :: I got the Charizard and Raichu v-trainers! The Charizard is so FAT AND CUTE!! ;___; And my friend will LOVE the Raichu, he's got the biggest ears I've ever seen! I gave wolvenillusion the Morty thing, 'cause she wanted it. XD So all of us are happy thanks to you! <33

dunsparce :: I got the German 'Hier kommt Team Rocket' ! :D It's so PRETTY OMFG. German + Team Rocket = LOVE. Two of my absolute favorite things all in one. And thank you so much for the Larvitar, Slowpoke (which is LFSDJ adorable!!), and the Rocket's Minefield Gym. C: !!!

I'll be posting my collection soon, I just splurged and bought a few more Typhlosion cards on ebay .. ahah. Dx

And 216handsbound :: Have you received/mailed that Chatot zukan yet? o_o I haven't gotten it, and I apologize if I missed a journal you made saying you were having trouble or something, I'm rather unobservant sometimes. Dx
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