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My computer is annoying, gaiz. -_-

I really hope this is allowed, so um basically I had an entire list of people I was buying/selling/trading with and some kind of...thing happened. I'm too computer-stupid I figure out what happened or where it is (not that it was perfect anyway), but basically please, if you have been considering/waiting to make a transaction with me, please post here so it can be sorted out as soon as possible, since I know I never finished sorting things out with a couple people! I am severely annoyed at myself right now, and I feel absolutely awful and annoyed. ><

Here's my Sales Post to refresh your memory or, if we have yet to interact, expose you to all the awesome stuff I'm selling. Selling terms are all at the very top. Don't forget the free comission with every purchase! ^-^

shiny_vulpix: As I told you, the money has been sent! ^-^

skinst_bomb: Just got your e-mail! Upon finding a more *cough* suitable and safe way to send the card (and finishing your picture) it shall be...well, sent.

sari_sumdac: Got your payment! Again, once I find the safest way to ship cards *doesn't know where to find Top Loaders or whatever* they will be shipped out with your picture (which came out quite well, imo). :3

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