Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

we wonnnnnn those plushies, guys! :D our total with fees and shipping to my house is


so please paypal MY LJ with these totals! TRUE FACT: these totals do not reflect shipping to your homes. once i have the plush i'll weigh them and give a proper shipping fee, that you can pay next week. :D i'm also adding paypal fees and whatnot (otherwise i'll lose money doing this D:)

regen: 97.00$
skinst_bomb: 26.50$
sugargerbil: 46.00$

also, i found the actual PLUSH photos of the april plushies. they will be out in a few weeks! i'll update with them then - this week (tomorrow) will also have a TINY sunyshore update, if you are interested (some more plastic models and bobble heads, also some tomy figures :D)

um....the sketch made staraptor plush look different/better design... but i think its just a re-release of the other one... *chokes back a small sob* D:::: well at least they are making the huge one ;-;

rare 151 badge collection... including mewtwo!

a complete ruby/sapphire 3D magnet collection!?

adorable stickers, including leafeon, staraptor and azelf!

a ton of bell keychains, i know lots of you were asking about them.

and... this puzzle is hilarious. good icon fodder, even if you dont want the puzzle.
Tags: electivire, gallade, heracross, plush, salamence, staraptor
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