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Possible reserves/GA

After many months spent trying to bring her over to the dark side (ekekeke |3), I and my girlfriend, penanna, are thinking of going halves on a zukan set from ebay. However the set itself is prettty expensive, so we were wondering what interest there would be in the set if we bought it. We only want to take two zukan out of it, the rest will be up for grabs as and when we get it, depending on the interest, of course. And we will only get it if we get interest XD

So is anyone interested in this set?

The zukan set is this one [link to individual images @ zukanranger]
The zukan we will be looking to keep are the skitty/delcatty and the flygon line. Though I may relinquish skitty/delcatty for the right price :P

Uhmm, make a vague suggestion as to how much you'd be willing to pay, it would help us out a lot ^^
I'll post again if I decide claims are feasible, or a group auction may be a possibility. Lulz.

Also, does anyone have any phone charms of Riolu, Piplup, Turtwig, Plusle, Minun, Mantyke, and Mew to sell? =O
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