Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few notes and a picture...

Plugging my sales one more! I've lowered prices on some things, so please check it out!

If I have arranged trades of any sort with you, I have not forgotten about them! I haven't been able to make it to the post office for a while and yesterday was very tiring and trying for me, so my responses were limited to near-copypasta'd transaction confirmations.

Also, I've grown a little attached to Palkia over the past few days (some may know why XD), and while I can't buy just anything right now, I want to ask... Does anybody have a Palkia zukan for sale or trade? I really can't spend more than $10 shipped for one at this moment, but perhaps I can offer something in my sales post or artwork to make up the difference? (While Time Pony remains my favorite of the two, I've gained a whole new love for the other. XD)

Finally, a picture of my (literally) growing Carnivine collection...

Lame joke, I know, but I've been fascinated with carnivorous flora for my entire life yet only now went out and bought my first flytrap yesterday. XD I couldn't resist taking a picture of it with my Carnivine pokekid!
Tags: carnivine, kids, palkia, wanted, zukan
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