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miss_fuu_chan, denkimouse, and warandromance! I got all of your packages! :D Yay! So it is time for a tiny collection update. All of these little things make me really happy since I pretty much started from scratch a month ago. xD

Additions are basically the two extra pencil topper figures and green figure from denkimouse and the Staks magnet from growly. :3

My original plan was just to collect Laprases because of money issues, but, but... well, oops. :| miss_fuu_chan, thanks so much for the bonus cards! I don't really have any non-first gen cards, so every new one is special and awesome! <3 I also have a metal Croconaw coin from warandromance, but I forgot to include it in this picture. D:

Ivysaur will get more love when I can afford it. <_< In the meantime, does anyone know where this plush is from? The tush tag has been cut off, but it kinda looks like a fast food place's promo toy?

An ebay lot of bootleggy gashapon I won also came in yesterday. I'm awesome though and totally mis-saw a Pokemon in there that wasn't actually there, so... I guess these are up for sale/trade. These are all third gen Pokemon.

Swampert, Sceptile, Surskit, Blaziken, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Combusken
Wurmple (behind Kirlia), Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Slakoth, Lombre
Kirlia, Ralts, Marshtomp, Swellow, Wingull
Silcoon, Cascoon, Zigzagoon, Masquerain, Dustox

These are of mixed quality. Most have some degree of paint transfer, though some, like Shiftry and Swellow look pretty clean and awesome. If they're not standing upright in the picture, then they have no way of standing upright.

I'm thinkin' $1/ea or $15 for the lot.
$1 shipping in a normal envelope or $2.50 for a padded envelope within the US. For both, I'd still wrap the figure in bubblewrap, it's just the latter option has even more padding since it's built into the envelope. I don't really want to deal with International shipments right now, sorry. D: Would also be willing to trade for pretty much anything Lapras, Totodile line, or Ivysaur, except artwork. :x

Lastly, castform, I'm pretty sure you'd listed that you'd shipped my Greymon figure on March 7th. I still haven't gotten it. D: Do you think the mail ate it? And featherclaw, I think I remember you mentioning that you were having some delays in shipping, but I don't remember? It's all right if you are, I just wanna make sure. o_o; Thaaanks.

edit, it won't let me add 'ivysaur,' 'totodile', and 'sales post' tags to this entry? o_o;
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