Julie X. Fox (invader_julie) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Julie X. Fox

We won!


YAY. I get another mudkip!

featherclaw and space_fight :: How to do this? :o

space_fight wants the Glacia thing if you don't really want it, featherclaw, but I don't want to make the call on that. It's up to you. If you decide to let her have it, then we'll split the auction three-way; it sold for $5.49. Divided by three it's $1.83 each, but in half it's $2.75. So I'll let you guys decide what you want to do.

If no resolution can be made then I'll keep it between me and featherclaw, since she was interested first .. that only seems fair to me. :(

Please let me know! I'll be paying for this in the next day or so and probably will receive it in a week, so you have time to talk this through. (:

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