barking_cat29 (barking_cat29) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants: Eeveelution NDS Goods and TCG Bulks, Stationary Stuff.

Howdy! I'm a relatively new member (bought some plushes from dtrain4eva!) and wanted to say hi as well as post a want :P

Back in the day I was a huge Pokemon fan, but I never really collected items. Well, since discovering PkmnCollectors I've come to realize there are many good items out there I've loved to collect!

I'm a fan of a few Pokemon (Golduck, Gastly and its evolutions, Mewtwo, Hypno, Slowpoke, Charmander, and others), but my absolute favorite is Umbreon. This is probably because I like the color black and I think my cat looks like Umbreon o__O My girlfriend is an Eeveelutions fan (so much that we named the babycat we got recently Eevee :P) and that is what brings me here! Anywho, enough rambling!

I am currently looking for this: (And because I am such a pro at Codes and LJ I totally bet this post came out error yea....sure.......please forgive me for errors >___<)

If that worked I'm not an embarrassment to myself. Knowing probably came out disastrously mutilated >_<

Anywho, in the picture (because I don't know if it really showed up) is a DS Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon silicone cover (I believe) with a similar style DS carrying pouch and DS game covers. I would love all of the above and would appreciate information (or offers) on where to locate such merchandise. Don't worry, I has moneys!

In addition, I'm (casually) looking for Umbreon items as well as an uber awesome lanyard (if such one exists). Tiny laser stickers would also be nice as well as stationary items (for school of course :P) and drawstrings packpacks. I'm also searching for bulk amounts of TCGs, preferably one of the earlier sets (Base to Gym Challenges) or some of the earlier Pokemon (1-250).

I hope my first post came out nice enough that I don't get banned for it! And thank you very much for having such an awesome website dedicated to Pokemon collecting! I hope to become an accepted and tolerated member! :D
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