Megan (pantsu_kudasai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

did you mean: stinky?

(Title is from searching eBay for "Stunky." It asked me if I meant "stinky" and it really cracked me up, because I am easily amused like that.)

I come bearing questions yet again, this time about Stunky and Politoed!

For starters, how much does a Stunky UFO usually go for? The what seems to be typical UFO price range of $25-$35? I've seen some on eBay for around there, but things there are also usually overpriced. (On a related note, does anyone know if this seller is good? They have 100% positive feedback. I'd just hate to buy a bootleg, if I do opt for a Stunky from this seller in the future.) Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has one -- maybe a little loved -- they'd be willing to part with for $10-$15. I figure this is unlikely since I seem to have trouble finding this plush... at all, let alone for under $35. XD But you have to ask in order to find out! I couldn't pay for it now but I could next week or the week after (depending on money and Paypal). I'm just totally in love with this thing and want one really bad. <3 Here is a photo. (The one on the left.) - Thank you sooooo much mewten <333

As a side question, are UFO plushes usually all a similar size? I'm just curious as to how big the Stunky would measure up against my Politoed UFO.

And to finish this off, just a couple of questions about some Politoed merch:

1. I've seen many battrio coins with a whole ton of different pokemon on them. That leads me to think there is at least one battrio for every pokemon. Is there? Does that mean there's... one (or more) of Politoed? :D - Apparently Politoed does not have its own battrio. ;_; Sad...
2. I know very, very little about TCG. But for collection purposes, I was wondering if ALL cards have a normal version, a holo version, and then a reverse holo version? Or are there some cards that only have one to two of those editions? I'm just wondering about Politoed specifically here, if not all cards get holos and such.
3. Similar to the battrio question, I've seen those pokemon dog tags around, and they look really cool. ... Yeah, obvious question is obvious: is there one with Politoed? XD

Thanks for all the help, everyone. <3

P.S. I have a small trade post going on here. If you want anything, you have to ask about it before my last trip to the post office in the coming week or it can't be shipped until September.
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