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Leeky's Lots of GA Payments Needed, GA in Progress, and a tiny want

Okay guys, it took hours, but the spreadsheet is finally done for the three GAs that ran during LJ's dramatically emotional period! I still haven't been invoiced by the deputy yet, I presume they're going to wait until the items reaches the warehouse before completing the invoice to include shipping. In the meantime, please go through the spreadsheet and pay for your items + commission fees :D There may have been a wire fee, but I'll take care of that. Also, there are discounts, 37% off! I'm envious of how much some of you guys are paying for your items =)

Click for the Ultra FANTASTIC Super Quick Lotto Spreadsheet!

Remember, this doesn't include internal shipping or EMS shipping to me yet. Saving that for payment two due to obvious reasons =P Oh yes and I'm using the 73 Yen rate just in case Paypal kicks my ass/compensate for slower payers/falling dollar value/other money mayhem. What I am most likely going to do is convert everyone's payments into Yen when it hits my Paypal so I can pay the deputy in Yen (due to the fact that I can't force you guys to send payment in Yen under pkmncollector rules).

Still need a few more payments from people for Leeky's Super Plush GA!

Two more packages were shipped out today. I was in a rush after I got back from watch and could only grab two of the four packages ready to be shipped @___@;; My room is a catastrophe because I woke up late this morning. Hopefully I can unload about 15 more packages come Monday.

People, pay for your 2nd payment Skittles/MPC GA!

Sooner you pay, the sooner Noppin ships, and the sooner you can pay for Payment #3 huggle your new Arceus/MPC plush!

Don't forget Shiningmew's GA right here! Ends August 1st, NEW Countdown here since the other one kinda broke: Here


Now will all that taken care of, I have a want:

Photo courtesy of PokePlushProject!

I want to collect all of the bird/bird-like Pokedolls :D Non legendaries take priority over legendaries (simply because they get rerelease to no end). Anyone have a Natu Pokedoll MWT they're willing to sell and/or trade? American, Japanese, doesn't matter as long as it's MWT :D
Tags: group auction, natu, wanted
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