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Pokemon Figure GA Reminder + Extension!

 Ok, is anybody still have problems with LJ? I've spent the past half an hour trying to get this post, and every now and then, it keeps telling me that my posts are missing. @__@;; So, hopefully, the GA post hasn't actually gone missing, because.. Well, that would suck. A lot.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This lot has loads of Zukans, Kids, and other figures all in great condition and at very low, or still at their starting bids! Go get those bids in!

And due to the downtime, as well as the fact that LJ is still being wonky, this GA is being extended two days to end on Tuesday, August 2nd at 9PM PST (since I won't be home earlier than that) in order to give you all a fair chance to bid!

Edit: LJ hates me. Here's a link to the GA, since the picture link leads to TinyPic:
Tags: group auction
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