.keo. (pattsun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wanted: walky eevee/pikachu goods :D

Hello! Very quick wants post~

:D I'm sort of taking a break off yahoo auctions and am looking to see if any members have any walky eevee / pikachu goods from last year! ^^

I already have a few things from this line, but am really open to buying duplicates of this line.

Mostly interested in the glasses case, and eco-bag. But I'm open to looking at other goods.

Also I've been sort of lately interested Pokemon Time goods (but more so on browsing.)

If anyone has these goods and looking to get rid of them or just sell them - please let me know 8D
I can pay via paypal, and I live in the US~

Thank you very much!
Tags: eevee, pikachu, wanted
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