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Oha nanodesuyo!

So I'm finally getting round to doing my 'intro' post! I've already bought from a few people on here O_O Even before I was a member DX;;

Anyway. Hi! XD I'm Laura, aka Penanna. I was a Pokemon fan waaay back in the horrors of High school when it had just hit the UK, I was well into the cards, the games, and the pogs. (Yes. Pogs! I know, I know ;-; ) I gave up all my collection at some point because I simply lost interest and lots of people did so much better than me at the card game, even though I had some cards no-one else did! I gave up all my cards and pogs to the masses, and continued with the games behind the scenes. But that failed it eventually because my GameBoy Colour was lost/stolen on a school trip to Spain. Some Spanish kid probably found it and destroy my lvl 80 team ;-; *sobs*.

Ever since my other half kiraras_lemon joined Pokemon Collectors, I only heard good things about it, and all of a sudden WOOSH! "Ani, where did all that Pokemon merch come form?! DX" A little later on joined communities like serasell and smcollector to feed my need for goodies of my first one and only, Sailor Moon XD But then I discovered cute Pokemon that I liked, and Ani was sat at the sidelines poking me to start collecting. XD Once she handed over her Lugia, Celebi and Jirachi phone charms, and a GBA with Pokemon Emerald within, that was it xD I started lurking here a little bit and squeeing at all the cute stuff. Then I was peering over Ani's shoulder, barking 'Omgs I want! Get it for me?!", then I started buying stuff! And now I've joined! XD Talk about a whirlwind! DX You know you're into Pokemon too much when the Luxray-human design over at 4@Wiki becomes a possible Cosplay XD

So in any case, it's nice to meet you all! Looking forward to trading, squeeing and fangirling with all of you! Yoroshiku! *bow* =D

Before I started collecting I thought I'd make a set list of Pokemon I wanted to collect. I didn't want to dive in headfirst and become very poor very quickly xD So! Here's my list! Have a peek and if you have anything I may be interested in please comment and let me know! ^_^

Penanna’s Ultimate Pokemon Collection List!

This is my ultimate Pokemon Collection list, it consists of basically all my favourite Pokemon, all my favourites for different reasons. Some Pokemon include all the evolution forms, some do not, evolutions will all be listed together to avoid confusion. My mission is this: To collect one Japanese card, one English card, a plush, a figure and a limit of two various/rare items relating to each Pokemon on this list. I will also collect keyrings/phone charms/straps. Every Pokemon is subject to likeability, for example, one Pokemon may have a plush to go with it that I want and consider cute, another Pokemon may have a plush, but I may choose not to buy it because I simply don’t like it. Some Pokemon I like more than others.

The Pokemon I am currently looking for items for/collecting are bolded and coloured red. So if you have any items of these Pokemon for sale, please tell me! But if you have any items of any Pokemon on the list for sale, again, please tell me so I can investigate =D ^^

Fire Red/Leaf Green Pokedex:

Gold/Silver/Crystal Pokedex:


Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Pokedex:
-Seedot(Not including figures)


-Trapinch>Vibrava>Flygon(Mostly Flygon)


Diamond/Pearl Pokedex:



Here is a photo of my current collection:

I know T_T It's so small ;-;. The Lugia, Jirachi and Celebi phone charms I got from
kiraras_lemon along with the Sableye card, Togepi>Togetic and Celebi zukan. The Togepi keychain I got from missmoonsault. ^_^ The rest of my collection post is here!

Having said that. Does anyone know anything about this item? < Bonsly Pokeball Plush Pillow 10th Anniversary. I actually really want it, but I wanted to see if anyone here knew anything about it or even knows of somewhere else I can get it for cheaper. I'd rather give my service to you guys than some ebay member as well xD

Oh, and just in case anyone is interested ^^ I have the 'Pokemon the First Movie' on VHS for sale with all it's little extras;A Pokemon 2000 Movie poster. Mechandise leaflets and a Mewtwo card. It's practically brand new, I only watched it once and then I no longer had access to a VHS player. It's on my sales post here. I'm totally willing to haggle if anyone's interested xD

Ja ne!
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